"It is not an indulgence to care about what you put on your body," whether it is a creme or a luxurious coat. Though these words were uttered by Kevin Systrom, a co-founder of Instagram, at a fashion conference (Vogue Forces of Fashion, I agree with him wholeheartedly and believe that these words are applicable to beauty.
Dr. Shirley Madhere at Elements & Graces

You may not be a fashionista or care about designer clothing, but beauty is always fashionable. As you express your own style, so you may define your own beauty quotient.

You must own your individual aesthetic philosophy, and embody the version of your highest, most beautiful self that you created or wish to create. This is an act of self-love; and self-love is quintessentially necessary for well-being.

You must dare-- to be you, to do you, to know you. It is your imperative to put your best face forward and feel your best so that you may live your purpose and fulfill your personal mission with integrity.

The logo as well as the name of this website, Elements and Graces, have their roots in Buddhism and Greek mythology.

The five elements philosophy in Japanese Buddhism, referred to as the "five great,” are derived from Buddhist beliefs. They denote the five elements that are universal components of all living things—

earth (matter, the human body);
water (relationships, bonds, fluidity);
fire (energy);
wind (movement); and
space (the constant backdrop of dimension which enables all the other elements to exist and operate. In the human body, space is particularly linked to the inner self.).

Similarly, in Chinese culture, the five elements in daily life are regarded as natural phenomena and the foundation of everything in the universe.

The Three Graces in Greek mythology represented three goddesses who symbolized charm, beauty, and creativity. Throughout time, these virtues were depicted by various artists as Botticelli, Raphael, Rubens, and Canova.

My practice aims to help you explore the elements of your foundation so you may be more in touch with your inner divinity as an outward expression of grace and thus wellness.

It is my hope for you that your inner and outer beauty will illuminate your life, your community, and the world!

Join me!