Arthur Ashe, the legendary tennis athlete said, "Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome." So, I did, and I did, and I continue to do. Along the way, thus far, I’ve learned a lot, lived a lot, and have a lot to share. The services I offer represent some of the skills I've gained throughout my journey to serve and make the world a more beautiful place, one person at a time. Whether through plastic surgery, beauty aisle tutorials, cosmetic injectables, or conversations in wellness coaching, I trust you'll find something that resonates with you and your ideal beauty quotient. How may I serve you?

Wellness coaching

This is it. The basic allow-me-to-help-you go through it. For real. This program requires one in-office initial assessment visit followed by five (5) bi-weekly phone sessions only. Are you ready to go in?

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Beauty Aisle Tutorials

Are you confused about which skin care products to use, if any at all? Are the beauty shelves numbingly overwhelming?

Meet me at an in-store beauty department for a one-hour tutorial where you will learn how to read a label and how to understand your skin care needs to help you choose products more appropriate for you and to give you better visible results.

Schedule your one-hour in-store tutorial here.

Holistic Plastic Surgery

Beauty Transformation

That beauty comes from within is the basic principle upon which I established my philosophy of Holistic Plastic Surgery. I focus first on the person, before the procedure; then apply various techniques on the face and body to complement a healthful foundation. If aging beautifully with grace and gratitude is one of your priorities, this program is designed for you.

Many factors play a role in how we age and we perceive ourselves. Intrinsic factors that may not be modified include collagen breakdown rate, genetics and gender. Extrinsic factors are those that may be changed, are described by the field of epigenetics, and are influenced by our choices and behaviors. These factors represent opportunities to become more healthful, mindful, and well. They also may provide guidelines to living your most beautiful life-- now.

The Beauty Transformation Program (BTP) is a six-month long client-facing intensive where I serve as your beauty and wellness coach to help you to achieve your best version of yourself. Through this program, I will provide the tools important to empower you to define your highest beauty and sense of self. The results are not only beautiful, but also essential. This is not just about a great change, but rather about life-affirming, epic transformation.

The BTP includes:

*6 months in duration
*initial consultation and holistic assessment (1-2 hours)
*bi-weekly telephone coaching sessions (a total of 12)
*DNA/genetic testing for exercise and food preferences (limited)
*recommendations for oral supplements (as appropriate)
*skin care regimen suggestions (as appropriate)
*aesthetic procedure and surgery consultation (as appropriate)

For additional information, please contact me