Many years ago, when I was thinking about what field I wanted to enter, I thought about aligning my desires with my goals and what I (believed at the time to be) my mission. One path lead to another and then another until I arrived at a harmonious confluence of my thoughts, desires, and dreams. From (fledgling) fashion designer to (hobbyist) screenwriter to (dedicated) ballet dancer, the road of exploring my purposeful passions ultimately brought me to the field of medicine.
Dr. Shirley Madhere at Elements & Graces

I am a plastic surgeon. I have superlative training in general plastic surgery (burns, trauma, hand surgery, scars, etc); and currently, my practice has a focus on aesthetic or cosmetic plastic surgery.

Perhaps because the way I arrived at plastic surgery, through the creative arts as well as rigorous scientific method, my philosophy is thus inspired. I created the concept of “holistic plastic surgery” to emphasize that wellness is integral to my work. My approach is founded upon the belief that beauty and healing emanate from within, and that external appearance is a reflection of inner health of the mind, body, and spirit. (Click here to read my bio.)

My additional work as a holistic wellness coach is complementary to my practice. This work draws upon my extensive medical background as well as my keen experience in beauty to offer a unique and realistic perspective on healing and on optimizing our human condition. My approach to holistic wellness is through the language of beauty—inner and outer. Our discussions are directed by you, and with my guidance, will revolve around the dimensions of wellness (physical, mental, social, spiritual, financial, etc.), primary and secondary food, and helping you to resolve some of the issues that you bring to the table.

All work is private. All growth is voluntary.

I offer you an opportunity to reclaim your inner and outer beauty.

I invite you to do the beautiful work.