Wellness through Beauty

Do you know what it feels like to be truly well? What would you do and where would you go if you felt stronger, more beautiful, confident, and in command of your destiny? What if the key to unlocking your greatest potential was a matter of simply saying “yes?” Say a resounding and affirming “Yes!” to welcoming your best version of yourself. How do you define it? How will you manifest it? What will it look and feel like for you?


Dr. Shirley Madhère

If you want to go on this journey, to get out from feeling stuck, then you must go through the process, specifically designed by you and your creator, for you. Wherever this road takes you, you must travel through with wellness.

Wellness is an expansive concept. It is comprehensive because its foundation is grounded in many roots. It is aspirational and achievable, and it is accessible to all. The journey of wellness is highly individualistic; because we are different, our paths to our highest selves will be different.

My journey into wellness took form through the lens of beauty. I am obsessed with all that is beautiful— people, places, things, ideas. I aspire to live beautifully every day, to impart it to others through my words and actions, and to choose to believe in the innate beauty in people. I am also deeply grateful that my career provides me the opportunity to work with beauty daily, and to discover it where it may have been thought hidden.

From my perspective, beauty is a manifestation of wellness, and is one of many dimensions of it. When you are well, on many levels, you radiate. And that is undeniably beautiful. Wellness is to beauty what an essential ingredient is to a recipe. The two are fundamentally intertwined; they work well when together. Each may exist independently of the other, but without the other, the essence is incomplete.
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There is power in beauty.
It isn’t about looking a certain way or fitting into some societal stereotype; the truth is about how you define your beauty. You don’t need to look like a model; be a model version of yourself. Beauty is a path to empowerment.

How do you perceive your highest self?
The most natural form of beauty is from within. As within, so shows out. Many influences play into how we feel and how we perceive ourselves:
Your general state of health, Your mental attitude, Your diet, Your exercise regimen, Your lifestyle, Your skin care routine, Your DNA, Your microbiome, Your epigenetics, Your external environment, Your internal environment, The friends you keep, Your psyche, Your energy signature, And more.

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